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Your Champion for the Clean Air Revolution.

With the growing occurrence of allergies in today’s airtight homes, clean air is no longer a luxury. Clean air is necessary to support a healthy body and immune system. Mold, dust build-up, pet hair and other impurities in the air you breathe can be pretty harmful to your health. If you are concerned about the air you breathe, call the champion.

Champion Furnace Cleaning is your answer to a clean furnace and clean ductwork to help keep the allergens at bay. With over 12,000 satisfied customers for residential furnace cleaning, you know you can trust Champion Furnace Cleaning.

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Great work you guys! Did an outstanding job cleaning all our vents and were in and out in no time! Thanks for coming!

Lance Ray

Very impressed! On-time, thorough cleaning, and well worth the money. Thanks for the cleaning!

Jeff Swartzentruber

Amazing job. Very friendly staff. Would definitely recommend it to anyone needing their furnace cleaned! Very fast at getting the job done!

Susan Bishop

Great service! I highly recommend them! Very good at what they do and are respectful and careful.

Jesse Beckwith

Highly recommend this company. They cleaned our furnace and wood stove today, and did an exceptional job!

Faye Drobot Poitras

Great service, they care what the end product is and that is why there is no other choice!

Tim Huxley