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Joe Green

We are pleased to recommend the services of Champion Furnace Cleaning Ltd. to anyone who requires top notch quality furnace cleaning in Cold Lake. Champion has been an important part of the very high quality our customers expect in a Bayrock Home. We appreciate their reliable service, punctual delivery, and predictable quality with every job

Joe Green
Bayrock Holdings Inc.

Debbie Tercier

Having your furnace and ducts cleaned is well worth doing, for health and safety reasons both at home and for businesses. Immediately after the cleaning, i notice a lot less duct in the air, on the furnitures and everything feels and smells cleaner. I also felt safer knowing my dryer ducts and vacuum lines are clean and will prevent fire. Champion Furnace Cleaning are very dependable, fast, efficient and very trust worthy. I find that regular furnace cleaning is good maintnance and very cost effective.

Debbie Tercier
General Manager
Lake City Motor Products

Value Master Homes

Value Master Homes would confidently refer Champion Furnace Cleaning Services. Our experiences with this company have been very positive. Champion Furnace Cleaning delivers a superior quality of workmanship and service that we are proud to partner with

Andrew Faith

Terry from Champion Furnace Cleaning provided me exceptional trouble-shooting service on the phone. I called in for help to fix a furnace that was cutting in and out and Terry took the time to help me fix the problem. Now I am just replacing an inexpensive sensor instead of paying a large call out bill. Thanks Terry!

Andrew Faith
Cold Lake, AB

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Professional, thorough cleaning of the furnace, heat exchangers,blower, all ducts (hot & cold) and main lines

  • Two Trucks to Serve You Better

  • The Best Cleaning at the Best Price