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System Sanitizing

Sanitizing is a service that can be completed on any system. We use Envirocon, an environmentally friendly bacteriostat, fungistat and all-purpose deodorizer that is specific to the HVAC industry. It is highly effective in eliminating odor-causing microorganisms at the origin. Envirocon contains no perfumes or masking agents and is safety rated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Sanitizing is particularly useful in systems where there have been rodent problems, fire or flood. It is also widely used as an all-purpose deodorizer. Whether you are looking for a product to kill mold, fungus & bacteria, or to just freshen up your system, Envirocon is the product for you. Call us today to add sanitizing to your cleaning package!

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  • Professional, thorough cleaning of the furnace, heat exchangers,blower, all ducts (hot & cold) and main lines

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